Indoor Court Hire: Conditions of Hire as at 22nd January 2018 


  1. In making a court booking, the Hirer (“Hirer”, “You”) agree to fully abide by the Terms & Conditions of Hire as set out here by Southport Squash Centre (“Us”, “the Operator”) 
  2. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the Operators discretion. 
  3. All court hire rates are as published, and are subject to change at the Operators discretion. 
  4. All court hires can only be made with payment at time of booking. 
  5. Court bookings can be made by: 
    1. On-line 24 hours at 
    2. Phoning the Southport Squash Centre: 07 5532 5756 
    3. Booking in person at Southport Squash Centre during open times as per website. 
  6. A court can be booked for a maximum of two (2) hours only, or by special arrangement. 
  7. A maximum of two (2) courts only can be booked with each booking made, or by special arrangement. 
  8. There is to be a maximum of four (4) persons per court at any one time unless by special arrangement. 
  9. The requirements of Southport Squash Player Development Program, tournaments, High Performance Training and other Southport Squash events take precedence for court booking days and times. 
  10. Subject to Condition (9) above, and subject to any other current bookings, tournaments, competitions and events etc that are in place, anyone including club coaches, private coaches and other users may hire the facilities. 
  11. The facilities are to be respected at all times. Any damage to facilities, intentional or accidental, and the cost of repairs, is the responsibility of the Hirer, to whom the costs will be charged accordingly. 
  12. All conduct and behaviour whilst using the facilities is to be of high public acceptability, including but not limited to: Use of acceptable language; acceptable noise levels; appropriate attire; general standards of public behaviour. Any breach of a standard, which in doing so is deemed to be unacceptable, will result in immediate expulsion from the facilities. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on court or outside of designated areas. Any breach will result in immediate expulsion from the facilities. 
  13. No food or drink is to be consumed on court. 
  14. Acceptable attire is to be worn at all times. 
  15. Recognised, acceptable, non-marking indoor footwear is to be worn at all times. Any breach of this resulting in court damage will be charged to the wearer. 
  16. ‘Right of Admittance Reserved’ by Southport Squash management or their delegated authority/s. 

The above Conditions (5) – (8) do not apply to the Squash Australia High Performance Program.